The Hollywood and Vine Recovery Center (HVRC) Women’s Residential Recovery program offers a safe haven within a secure and controlled drug/alcohol free environment where women can recover physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually from their addictive illness and suffering. Unless a person afflicted with addiction experiences a complete psychic change, they are sure to drink and/or use drugs again. Our residential recovery home provides an individualized comprehensive treatment and recovery program that applies a multi-disciplinary approach to holistic healing. Alcohol and Drug abuse are fatal symptoms of a much greater problem and for sustainable recovery one must come to experience more than physical sobriety. HVRC’s Intensive Recovery program includes but is not limited to; 1. Non-Medical Detox, 2. Treatment Planning, 3. Individual and Group Counseling, 4. Recovery and Aftercare, 5. and more.

“Since we have turned our will and our lives over…we have no more will…to direct, manage, or guide our own lives or anyone else’s…our Higher Power does have a will for us, and that he/she will ‘tell’ us what that is if we ask.”

The 12 Steps for Everyone

Eligibility & Admission

A prospective resident must be determined eligible for admittance by a Program Director after moving through a series of admission processes that enable the program directors to determine each individual meets the necessary criteria, and prospective residents can determine if they are ready and willing.

Programs and Services

Hollywood and Vine Recovery Center has partnered with professionals and individuals to provide a variety of services and programs that will aid in our Residents achieving their objectives and their emergence from Treatment and Recovery into a life free of their addiction and suffering and able to show others how to do the same.

Marginalized Populations

12-step fellowships and other self help groups are often “self-supporting” through their own contributions and this explains the scarce representation of Black, Latino, LGBTQ, and other marginalized individuals where hurting and suffering souls go to heal with those who have recovered. At HVRC, many of our Clients have been told their experiences are “outside issues” and are unwelcome. To all those who have stared at swastikas on plaques hanging on walls of meeting rooms, been told they had a part in discrimination from someone who can only intellectualize the experience, been sexually assaulted in your most vulnerable state, you are safe here. With loving, empathetic, and recovered arms, we encourage you to come and join us and let the healing begin.

My life, my real life, was in danger, and not from anything other people might do but from the hatred I carried in my own heart.

– James Baldwin, (writer and activist) 1924 – 1987

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