Dr. Montgomery saving the lives of addicts suffering during COVID-19

Printed and Posted with the permission and approval of Dr. Gloria Montgomery, a recovered alcoholic.

“You are not an alcoholic or an addict! You may be still suffering from the disease of alcoholism or addiction, but YOU ARE NOT A DISEASE!” – Dr. Montgomery

Dr. Gloria Montgomery, a licensed psychologist and recovered alcoholic with 62+ years of recovery today, often has to begin helping sufferers (in sobriety and those still suffering in the physical addiction of the disease) mentally separate their spiritual being from the disease afflicting their spirits. This acceptance is the first step to believing in and accepting the solution of Recovery. Today, the fear of change along with financial and economic insecurity is overwhelming and many spirits are suffering and feel forgotten, but there is a solution! Surrendering to a Power that allows us to follow divine and intuitive direction is the answer to ALL OF OUR PROBLEMS. An answer many are seeking during the current state of the world including those suffering with addiction, depression, anxiety, fear, financial terror, grief…we can increase the list ad infinitum.

Dr. Montgomery to the suffering: “If you are allergic to strawberries you don’t go around telling people that you are a strawberry, do you?”

“If you have lung cancer do you go around saying, ‘Hi my name is ________ and I am cancer?’ Well why are you going around talking about you’re an alcoholic?”

“How can you be a disease? You may be suffering from a disease or afflictions from a disease but you, my friend, are NOT your disease!”

Many have to identify as their disease in their fellowship meetings or they will not be accepted but for many out there the journey to spiritual elation, also known as Recovery, begins with the letting go of the shame, guilt, and responsibility for a disease that we are Powerless over. Followed by the acceptance of our spiritual malady (that is insanity) and coming to accept restoration of our spirit is possible with divine help – as we come to believe in the Recovery of those around us. [Hollywood & Vine has virtual Recovery groups as well as individual help so please begin with an email if you need help. This is not a sober fellowship, we have gone much further than abstaining from our addictions – we have recovered and been given the solution to our suffering – no matter what! hollywoodandvinerecovery@gmail.com]

The responsibility of annihilating casualties in life as a result of the disease of addiction and insanity that plagues the sufferer, may be the shame, guilt, and responsibility that so many hold on to every time they affirm they are and always will be this disease. Sentenced to spending a lifetime “working” at the doomed mind and using tools to correct our intuition, staying busy as to never to trust our thinking again.

For those suffering, below are some clips of the Alcoholics Anonymous “Big Book” text that tells us we are not sentenced to a lifetime of alcoholic thinking and emotions. If drugs and alcohol are the sufferer’s problem then abstinence would be the solution. For most that simply is not enough. If those knew how an addict suffered spiritually (mind, body, and soul) they too would need a drink or a drug to feel peace. Seek Recovery – it is the solution – and hold on to the light when it get’s dark. You will be amazed before you are halfway through.

In the Forward (pictured above) when referring to Alcoholism the book states:

 “All have Recovered. They have solved the drink problem.”

“But the ex-alcoholic who has found this solution…”

The words have been read many times, “To show other alcoholics PRECISELY HOW WE HAVE RECOVERED is the main purpose of this book.” Why are so few people Recovering? and why is it so controversial in “recovery meetings” if you do?

Why does the fear of relapse encourage others to warn the recovered against following God’s direction?

Why do some not have a drink for 30 years but still are an alcoholic doomed never to recover? Why do some reject Recovery as described in the program?

Dr. Montgomery describes what has become of many AA and 12-step fellowships (not all) as becoming:

“… like a jail with open doors and guards saying to the prisoners, ‘YOU’RE FREE.’ With the alcoholic response of, ‘No, I think I will stay a while. You just don’t know how bad I had it and how bad I was…I will always be an alcoholic.’ ” 

“The guard responds with, ‘You are free, there is a solution and people are recovering becoming ex-problem drinkers and ex-alcoholics all over the world. Read this book and see. You were not responsible for your disease and have been set free.’

And the prisoner (with the jail doors wide open) tells the guard, ‘There is no cure. You don’t understand I am going to die an alcoholic. I will be one for the rest of my life.'”

That is an analogy that can bring a chuckle through the tears that may fall when beginning to accept the long awaited freedom from a life-long sentence of suffering.

The text AA members follow in recovery goes on to discuss how they are suggested to identify which does not say as a disease.

“…designating himself instead as a Member of Alcoholics Anonymous.”

Recovery is real. Below are just a few of the many places throughout the book of Alcoholics Anonymous promising the freedom of Recovery from a disease which those suffering from are Powerless over and often succumb to.

This is what the fellowship and program used to be. Over the many decades changes have been accepted and spread exponentially, many are still suffering. You are not alone and you too can Recover when you are ready. You may never feel ready so may as well give it a shot today 🙂

~Hollywood and Vine Recovery Center~