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If Social Media is a tool of yours, keep ot positive and know you are safe to surrender to a new freedom. Join a movement with those of us who are #recovered :). If you are looking to free your spirit from the pain and suffering triggering addictions, sick of medicating a pain you still seek relief from, and all of the fears and discomforts you have as of yet to solve. You are not alone while we #stayhome. Email for help.

Recovery Today

Part 3 of what it was like, what happened, and a real example of what Recovery, including Emotional Recovery is like today.

Everyone has been given a gift to share with the world and I love watching people find, acknowledge, and accept their gift. I have seen so many sift through and ultimately shed the layers of other peoples teachings, opinions, and fears, that have shaped who they are from childhood-it is a beautiful experience to be a part of. Some people are so institutionalized by life and their upbringing that they are not even aware their spirit has been imprisoned. This realization is impactful, then immediately following comes the acceptance that the gates are open and we are free. Free to discover who we are, why we are here, and to surrender to a covenant with the Spirit of the Universe knowing all of your problems and fears have always been, and will always be taken care of. That is what Recovery is like for me today, and can be for you too.

Today my life is a life I never imagined possible-even after years of physical sobriety. As I stopped “working” so hard at the spiritual program of recovery I began to experience it and started to see the magic work in my life, it has been that way for many years. I live on a place some who do not believe recovery is possible call the Hot Pink Cloud. I have been rocketed into a 4th dimension of existence where I face my human emotions with the Power and Strength of a God that delivered me from a hopeless state of mind and body and removed from me the pain and suffering from my emotional and mental disorder. There is a Solution!

With me writing and posting this amidst the COVID-19 (Corona Virus) pandemic, I think that is a good example to show why spiritual recovery is so important. Also what the pain of my emotions being removed looks like today, in this moment in life.

I own a bartending and event staffing business where we specialize in servicing weddings, corporate events, and more. This business was another gift of my recovery as I could no longer stand working in the restaurant industry and suffered at work reguarly, until one day I got fired. A customer complained to corporate bosses about not having a request fulfilled during her party and the manager that made me execute the order that caused the complaint lied to corporate bosses about telling me I could not fulfill this request, and I was fired. I had no resentment against the wrongful termination as God made sure I was so miserable at that job, I knew under the financial fear it was a gift. But, I also had no money and as a server was relying on the tips from the shift I was fired from to pay for gas to get my son to school that week.

I cried on the way to the car after being fired, called some friends I worked with panicked, and was given the thought “ The idea God had given me about a month before, to start my own business with (my mixologist best friend) was God’s answer to my pain.” With trembling hands, I drove to my son’s cooking class as intuitive direction guided me. Shortly after, we booked our first wedding and never looked back. That restaurant was on it’s 3rd round of management and closed shortly after I was fired-became so happy I was deep into working for God by the time that happened.

 I ended up with a part time job right across the street from home, to supplement the new bartending business that felt too good to be true, at a little coffee shop which could not have worked any better. Shortly after I got comfortable, a few months later they decided not to put me on the schedule because I could not commit to full time availability-I found this out on my son’s birthday. Certainly did not feel good but I had already experienced having a job removed from my life and ultimately receiving a business as a result, Clients I learned from and loved, and free time to fulfill my spirits passions, along with many other gifts which include never being late on a bill a bill and having everything I needed and wanted. The worry deep down inside ended up being a realization that brought me to a new level of Recovery.

 The disappointment in the unexpected loss of that 2-3 day a week coffee shop server income brought me to the realization that I spent half of my time outside or in the back while at work talking to Clients for my business. I was so busy totaling the money I lost I was blocking God’s ability to show me how much I was about to earn. I could not have come to this realization on my own, it was because of the surrender to the Spirit of the Universe I experienced on the journey I speak of, that I was able to accept a truth beyond what we can intellectualize.

The circumstances of all foreseeable income for the entire restaurant, bartending, and event staffing industry, coming to a temporary halt due to the corona virus was faced with nothing but the same uncomfortable butterflies in my stomach that always end with a level of peace I did not know existed-a new freedom is revealed when we are awake to the moment. The pain of your emotions can be removed and you then have the freedom to be, without working so hard to control them.

I see an unbelievable amount of confusion and hopelessness as all of the crutches we as humans have been relying on, are being removed from us due to this Public Health Crisis. Especially those that rely on meetings, medications, therapists, and other methods of soothing their spirit’s discomfort. If you too find yourself suffering please email me, recovery is free and you may just need a listening ear to love you while you heal.

I heard Jay-Z in an interview say until we are all free, none of us are free-something along those lines if not a direct quote. That is absolutely true for my spirit, I do not enjoy life running about with all the peace, joy, and freedom of being recovered in mind, body, and soul, when I see all relapse, ineffective mental health medications, hopeless humans, and silent suffering. God fulfills the desire of my spirit, and I accept today so when I was appointed Director of Operations of the Hollywood and Vine Center for Recovery- I knew I had a chance to share this #recovered movement with a world suffering in hopes that we all become free.

At the Hollywood and Vine Recovery Center, you will be guided down the same spiritual path that has led millions to much more than a sober life, Recovery is possible and there is a Solution. A path that will embark a journey as personal and as individual as our fingerprints. No two humans have the same fingerprint and none of us have the same spirit, therefore, your journey through recovering from a hopeless state of both mind and body will look as different as we were created. No matter how dark it may get, hold on to the light, you just may be experiencing the spiritual suffering needed to muster a willingness you have never before been able to muster to save your life and uncover and get to know your true self.

When all things human fail, detox centers, therapy, medication, money, poverty, love, success,…we can increase the list ad infinitum, it is not a time to give up hope, but a time to accept the hopelessness of relying on anything other than the Power that dwells within us.

May God bless you and keep you until then.

A member of the Hollywood and Vine Recovery Movement!

#Recovered 🙂