At Hollywood and Vine Recovery Center (HVRC) a Spiritual Malady refers to; the suffering and illness of the human spirit or soul as opposed to physical or material suffering.

Is My Spirit Suffering?

Below are some of the many common indications and symptoms of a Spiritual Malady underlying the alcoholic and addicted suffering;

  1. Needing to escape from situations of life which one feels they cannot face;
  2. Covering up feelings of a maladjusted personality (including sexual maladjustment);
    • Maladjusted is used referring to having difficulty coping with the demands of the social environments in which Clients find themselves.
  3. Developing from social drinking and using drugs to pathological use and dependency despite severe consequences and personal efforts to maintain physical sobriety;
  4. A symptom of a major abnormal mental state;
  5. A need to escape from a seemingly incurable pain;
  6. Hopelessness and feelings of incurable pain; and
  7. Experiencing a certain vague restlessness that comes from the friction between our biological and emotional make-up and the material demands of life we give power to. In other words, when who we are conflicts with who we think we need to be.

Over the years society has given more and more power to the material, intellectual, and emotional growth while our spirits have suffered. Medicating the symptoms of our underlying problems and using various “tools” to ease the discomfort of our suffering have spread exponentially over the years, blocking us from experiencing the truth of our suffering.

The Solution

Once we concede to our innermost selves that we are suffering from a spiritual malady we have 2 solutions:

  1. Total surrender to and accepting spiritual help.


2. Chronic suffering with all of the handicaps and penalties spiritual suffering implies. In other words – we have gone past the point where we HAD A CHOICE. All we have left is a decision to make.

Resolve to acknowledge there is a problem and to do something about it.

Consider answering for yourself HVRC’s Spiritual Fitness Questions if you would like a better idea of your spiritual fitness.