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No Human Left Behind

It is unfortunate that the black and brown communities of the world have been just that, left behind! As many of the great leaders of the many movements across humanity have made clear – “We are not free until we are all free.”

Drug Addiction, Alcoholism, Stress Disorders, Depression Suffering, Anxiety Disorders, Mental Disorders, Post Traumatic Stress, Image Dysmorphic Disorder, Shattered Ego & Self-Worth, and more have ravaged the communities of those effected by the systemic racial injustice that is embedded in the structure of American systems – ALL SYSTEMS – including educational and judicial. Yet despite this ravaging, our founding members and their experience as members of these communities make up so little of the Recovery. It is time that Recovery and Healing spread exponentially to those that have been left out, made to feel unwelcome, misunderstood, and had their pain disregarded. Let The Healing Begin!

Let us Recover under the guidance of those who can relate to OUR pain and self image that many are unable to fathom instead of under those individuals who have no experience in, yet are paid to unsuccessfully treat, OUR suffering! Enough is enough and it is #time2heal.