Fatal changes replacing Recovery with today’s AA.

A spiritually fit life is a new concept for so many who believe they have experienced the 12-steps of Recovery. Some have already begun telling others they are able to “take them through” the 12-steps of Recovery or “sponsor” them. Science, therapy, detox centers, and treatment centers continue to thrive on the cyclical suffering of our emotions while “treating” the symptoms. As our synthetic reliance grew and human religion dragged us further and further from our spiritual being, changes were made to the divinely inspired program of Recovery. These changes were obediently accepted by fellowships without question and continue to spread exponentially – as does our sober suffering, relapse, sexual assault, racism, and overall lack of Recovery. If you find yourself suffering, may getting back the origin of our program expand your Recovery as it did for so many of us.

Personal Stories and Experiences

When I first came into southern California fellowships, God was something so many were unsure of but said the program would work anyway and that was the beauty of it. This is not true. The “higher power” reference helps those who initially come to heal with religious and very narrow views of a God outside of themselves meant to be worshiped. 12-step Recovery is not religious and we do not look outside of ourselves for God, and as you experience Recovery you too will experience the God within you and all around you who will take care of you for the rest of your life. By step 3, God is clearly defined and remains this way throughout the spiritual steps we take. There is just no uncertainty about God if you experience the 12-steps.

Everything about the fellowship and the program was (originally) all about finding God and experiencing a spiritual awakening that was the solution to our underlying spiritual malady. This was done after God removes the obsession and craving for alcohol, sobriety is not achieved it is given. In spite of ourselves we are gifted sobriety not because of ourselves and this is especially true prior to our spiritual awakening. If you were taken through the steps by someone who was unable to show you how they found, loved, and followed God who continues to solve all of their problems, and they could not show you how to do the same, consider expanding your program and seeking more.

How it “worked”

We here at HVRC often refer to “when directions became suggestions” people stopped following the God within them and began surrendering to the ideas of the people that made these changes to this spiritual program.

“Must” indicates a type of warning for those seeking Recovery. For those unsure about whose direction we follow and surrender to, they are not able to show you how to Recover. “That One is God. You must find [God] now!

Personally, and for most of our members according to their sharing in our groups, Step 3 was the most spiritually fatal change made to the program of Recovery. “….turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood [God].”

Dr. Montgomery speaks of the most fatal spiritual change being that originally, those suffering in their disease were not taken to a meeting until they had thrown themselves with abandon under the protection and care of God as they understood the Spirit of God. This is indicated just before the steps begin: “Now we think you can take it.”

GOD CAN AND WILL. There was and is no doubt in this. Today, members read God could and would if He were sought – or something along those lines.

“Sobriety is a byproduct of Recovery. We are gifted physical sobriety in spite of ourselves not because of ourselves.Those suffering in sobriety may find themselves so busy working at maintaining their sobriety, they are blocking the expansion of God’s Recovery” – HVRC

This may come as a shock but we were never meant to identify this way “My name is _____ and I am an alcoholic.” We are not a disease we suffer from a disease or illness. How can you be a disease?

Dr. Montgomery spoke with Bill W. and was able to attend meetings with him and other founders of 12-step Recovery. For those familiar with the history, she worked with Marty Mann to establish the National Coalition on alcoholism and for many years has said that a man started identifying this way and it spread exponentially – that is not a direct quote but how to identify when speaking publicly about your illness is clear in The Book AA members “follow.” Over time as more and more Recovered and more about the disease was known, some included their name when identifying. When was there a consensus on holding on to a spritual illness we have been gifted the ability to Recover from?

For those that have never heard themselves say it – try this: “My name is _______ and I am a Recovered/Recovering alcoholic.” or even “My name is ________and I am a member of Alcoholics Anonymous.” It is Powerful to speak the Truth of what God has done for you in your life rather than remind others of the suffering those seeking recovery are familiar with.

Conceding to your innermost self that You are suffering from the disease of alcoholism is Powerful. This Power is increased when the admittance is with another Recovered Spirit who has lived in the same place spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally that you are seeking relief from. It is acceptance of a Truth that many ignore and suffer in silence with. This admittance can immediately be followed by choosing to surrender and you do not have to continue to suffer. The time this takes is different for many but it is important you know Recovery exists or you will not have a chance of accepting the gift.

What would you do today if you knew God was going to take care of all of your problems tomorrow?

The answer to this question is how members who have experienced the HVRC’s Spiritual Program of Recovery insist on living their life – no matter what!

Just a reminder…

For those who believe that cravings and struggling are a part of Recovery to which we apply a tool or solution, consider the following:

The promise and Power of God to completely remove our suffering physically, mentally, and emotionally, so long as we trust, follow, and surrender to intuitive Direction is a promise I certainly looked forward to experiencing. Live a life that allows for limitless expansion and never stop seeking 🙂

More Coming Soon…

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