Recovering from AA fellowship

The Program of Recovery: Working at, achieving, and learning tools to maintain sobriety has become what many AA fellowships are today and continues to spread exponentially, replacing Recovery with sobriety. The 12-step program of Recovery is becoming an endangered way of living but is, and always has been, the only solution to the disease of alcoholism, addiction, and all spiritual suffering. Since solving the alcoholic suffering in the 1930’s, 12-step recovery programs have gone on to solve emotional and mental health suffering, drug addictions, marijuana addictions, food addictions and disorders, sexual addictions and disorders, grief suffering, and so much more. The time has come for Recovery to spread exponentially, and those suffering in sobriety may find our experience resembles their own. If so, what worked for us will work for you too.

Consider your foundation

If you were “taken through the steps” by someone who identifies as anything other than a “Recovered alcoholic”, an “ex-alcoholic”, a “rehabilitated alcoholic”, or any other indications of Recovering from the disease, then you may not have experienced The Program of Recovery. If you believe in the Alcoholics Anonymous big book print, these are a few of the many places that tell us about Recovery from the alcoholic state of mind and body suffering.

When questioned, some AA members have described feelings of “lying” every time they say they are an alcoholic years into recovering. Others have come to realize the responsibility, shame, and guilt they held on to years into physical sobriety every time they publicly reminded themselves of their alcoholic suffering. Some who have experienced Recovery say in meetings they continue to identify as an alcoholic because “…when in Rome you do as Romans do” or because “I would rather be right than happy so I follow the group conscious. It is spiritual warfare in these rooms.” Choosing to hold on to my alcoholic identity did not leave room for my Spirit to fully emerge. I had not truly surrendered, and I held on to the ideas and beliefs of the people/fellowships until I suffered enough to listen to God. Then I could see, surrender to, and accept the Truth.

The problem has been removed. Our problems no longer exist. We no longer fear anything. If your sponsor had not recovered, and is still an alcoholic – they may not have been in spiritually fit condition and continue to suffer from an alcoholic mind. An alcoholic certainly is not able to show another suffering alcoholic how to accept this spiritual way of living which is a requirement for Recovery and the solution to our problems. You may have been shown how to manage and control your sobriety by “staying right sized” and blocking God’s gifts for you, as an example. These and other realizations can be the difference between suffering in sobriety and expanding your Recovery.

Our spiritual fitness (or lack of) explains why people are still having cravings after 10 years of not drinking, going to meetings regularly for life so they do not “self destruct”, and not even questioning their spiritual fitness. Many may have been told to get more sponsees like the majority of our local fellowships suggest, or to get more commitments, get out of self, see what you can do for someone else, stay busy, and more. Many were never taken through the program by someone who had been gifted Recovery. Yikes!

“To all of those who experienced anything but love, Recovery, and the Power within themselves shining bright, keep seeking and your painful experience will become a great and needed strength.” – HVRC

The gossip that makes vulnerability tough, fear of being shut out of fellowships if truly yourself, the sexual predators taking advantage of the vulnerable, desperate, and sick, the racial discrimination, the homophobic hate speech, and more that has been experienced within our local AA fellowships has kept many from the freedom of Recovery. Our recent expansion of fellowships via virtual meetings has brought to our attention these experiences have spread globally, indicating how endangered Recovery has become.

Recovering from the fellowship

If you believe you yourself may have surrendered to the fellowship and not the program of Recovery – here is what worked for us. Dr. Montgomery saved us from “the middle of the herd” running right off a cliff.

Step 1: Take your identity back!

Coming Soon…


Warnings, prevention, and additional understanding. Someone who “relapses” was sober before they picked up a drink or a drug. The substance could not have been the problem as many who relapse after extended physical sobriety have experienced…


Spiritually Fatal changes to 12-step Recovery made over the years.

From giving God less of ourselves, turning Recovery directions into suggestions, and even turning God’s promise into a possibility – understand changes that men made over the years to the spiritual program helping sobriety to take over the program of Recovery. Dr. Montgomery’s facilities use the original text, the original steps, and spread the original program of spiritual Recovery.



God is our sponsor. According to The Program text we are NOT to call our sponsor when in doubt, but sit quietly and ask for God’s direction. A sponsor helps us, guides us, and shares their experience establishing their relationship with God, with us. They DO NOT and should not direct us. Their human Power is not the divine power within you you are uncovering and surrendering to.

Slogans, misconceptions, and fellowship guidance that directly contradicts the program of Recovery.

“Stinking thinking,” “if you don’t think alcohol is your problem take a drink,” “if you want what we have you will do what we do,” “don’t drink no matter what,” and more sayings you may have adapted to that directly contradict the text of the program.

More to Consider Coming Soon…

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