“There is a spirit and a need and a man at the beginning of every great human advance. Each of these must be right for that particular moment of history, or nothing happens.”

Coretta Scott King – Civil Rights Activist

Those in need of advancement are often the marginalized groups seeking advancements of their human rights. Specializing in filling the void of ethnic, sexual orientation, and gender diversity in our recovered alumni, members, counselors, staff and Board Members the HVRC’s organization has shared experience with the Black, Latino, Female, LGBTQ, and People of Color’s experience. It is the vision of Hollywood and Vine Recovery Center to spread the solution to the disease of addiction exponentially, to all those willing and looking to hear their story from a marginalized and human perspective of those walking in the light of their recovery.

Black Experience

Many African-Americans were raised aware of the divine strength of our ancestors who persevered in the fight for our freedom, our identity, our human rights, legal rights, and so much more. This awareness rooted in our foundation combined with the experience of living and surviving in brown skin can make the initial experience of “surrendering” to any form of powerlessness a concept that contradicts a truth instilled in our soul. When a Black person suffering shares their truth and experience they will be met with empathy, compassion, and the shared personal experience of those who can relate, and have experienced the restoration of a Power that lives within us.

Latino & POC Experience

From immigration experience, discrimination, and cultural differences, to all other shared struggles and pains common to individuals in the Latino, People of Color, and marginalized groups in the fellowships of Recovery. Heal with members who share your experience and have recovered to help you do the same.

LGBTQ Experience

Our staff share in life’s experiences personal to individuals in the LGBTQ communities. HVRC recovered alumni spread recovery to those hoping one day to to live free from being defined by their sexuality, discuss the pain of discrimination, and experiencing the restoration of their Power. A common suggestion of 12-step fellowships is “…listen to hear your story” and at HVRC our experience is as diverse as is the human race.

Female Experience

A safe space for women to uncover, discover, express, and heal from the trauma’s, shame, guilt, and other experiences from the female perspective as experienced through detox, treatment, and living a recovered life. Individual and Group recovery topics include, but are certainly not limited to: A. Love, Sex, and Relationships; B. Motherhood; C. Pre Menstrual emotions in recovery D. Illness, health, and fitness; E. Political and social fears, opinions, and emotions; F. Boundaries (personal, sexual, professional); G. Menopause; and H. Motherhood and Childbirth.