What Happened: A few years ago our program’s founder needed to take some time to recover from an unexpected medical procedure and our program downsized to offering outpatient and community services. Around 2018, a need grew within our community and those we service to again resume our residential recovery program. So a group of us came up with a plan to celebrate the Grand Reopening of our physical location on the 55th anniversary in October of 2020.

Two (2) of our program directors (Anneca Peoples and Timothy Walsh) left their job in the restaurant industry and started a small business in 2018 that enabled them to self support the expenses of HVRC outpatient, virtual, and community services while a group of us began preparing our fundraising, program expansions, researching resources and local professionals, renewal of DHCS licensing, additional certification costs, and volunteer training.

After the pandemic of 2020, all of our self supporting income ceased and after a couple of months we were no longer able to fund the needs of the individuals we service and the expenses of our operations. Much of the progress made towards our opening dissolved, but the demand grew. Our services went virtual and so many suffering individuals contacted us with no place to go and no solution to avail their suffering – we had the solution but we had nowhere to help them. HVRC board of directors never stopped following divine direction and as we all held on to the light and watched darkness spread around us we stayed hard at work. HVRC program directors came to experience a gift that was bigger than we could have imagined or ever planned for. We are prohibited from disclosing any information just yet, but soon more will be revealed 🙂

What’s Next: Every day we are hard at work preparing a place where we can heal together again. Our upcoming newsletter will keep those interested up to date on our location preparation, volunteer needs (individual and professional), and additional information as our Grand Reopening date unfolds.