Those who recover from addiction and chronic suffering must understand there is a fatal difference between managing and controlling physical sobriety, and the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual recovery that is the solution to addiction. Hollywood and Vine Recovery Center (HVRC) creates a safe space for all humans to recover from their maladies while listening for, and to share, their story. We are those who empower all humans walking in the light of their recovery to set out into the world and illuminate the dark. May those living the spiritual principals that are solution to addiction aid in spreading recovery exponentially and bring an end to human suffering. It is the vision of Hollywood and Vine Recovery Center (HVRC) to spread the solution to the disease of alcoholism, addiction, and chronic emotional and mental health suffering by applying spiritual principals to underlying spiritual maladies. HVRC specializes in filling a void for the marginalized Black, Latino, LGBTQ, and People of Color individuals looking to hear and share their story as it relates to their life experience creating a place for those walking in the light of their recovery to illuminate the life of those still suffering.


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors delegates the management of the HVRC organization. All corporate powers shall be exercised under the ultimate direction of the Board which oversees compliance with all applicable laws, HVRC Bylaws, and HVRC Policy and Procedures.


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Detroit, Michigan


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Hollywood and Vine Recovery Center’s founder Dr. Gloria Montgomery on her divine mission to spread the solution to alcoholism, addiction, and chronic human suffering. More coming soon…