The desperation of a person drowning who becomes so exhausted they are seconds away from succumbing to their death describes those suffering with the disease of alcoholism and addiction that have been through detox programs, rehab centers, 12-step fellowships, self-knowledge and will power, therapy, psychiatry, medication, and all human attempts possible, yet still find themselves suffering – hopeless. Those afflicted with chronic depression, anxiety, alcoholism & addiction suffering, and all other human discomforts may just have experienced the human powerlessness needed to surrender to spiritual solutions.

Cognitive Spiritual Recovery

Once a person finds themselves living in their powerlessness over their addictions, their emotions, their behaviors, their finances, their deep and nagging spiritual misery and suffering then – from that point on, we are limited to 2 alternatives:

1. Total surrender to and accepting belief in spiritual help.


2. Chronic suffering with all of the handicaps and penalties it implies. In other words – we have gone past the point where we HAD A CHOICE. All we have left is a DECISION to make.


The Admission: Uncover and accept the truth of your underlying pain and suffering alongside alumni who have recovered from the experiences, trauma, pain, and suffering that may sound all too familiar. Coming to experience the truth of your maladies is the only way to accept the solution to your problems and eliminate a lifetime of treating the symptoms. Before Recovery is surrendered to, one must first come to understand, then admit and fully concede to their innermost selves, the truth of what plagues their spirit. Most, if not all, come to find their chronic problems are spiritual and if this is in fact the case, then there is hope. The application of spiritual principals to your spiritual suffering will be the solution to all of your problems.

The Spiritual Phase: After experiencing all parts of the human makeup and understanding why all human efforts failed, you will be free to experience the surrender that before may have been intellectually accepted and understood. When an individual is able to, or forced to through chronic suffering and a fatal malady, bend their mind to accept help outside of their scientific and synthetic knowledge then the results are proven to be beyond our mind’s capacity to comprehend. You will live free so long you remain spiritually fit. Our alumni live a recovered life, happy, joyous, and free despite them and not because of them. The program of Recovery is a living program that allows chronically suffering humans to experience a freedom that is especially critical to the Black, Latino, LGBTQ, and all marginalized individuals who have not heard their story, seen their culture represented, or been outright rejected and alienated by 12-step fellowships while recovering from experiences deemed unwelcome by groups who consider them “outside issues.” You are safe here.

Inventory and Restitution: Experience moving through, and ultimately the removal of the shame, guilt, fear, and other discomforts that make life unmanageable at best for many chronic sufferers. The restitutions many have expressed being encouraged to make in sobriety contradict the acceptance of powerlessness and encourage those attempting to recover to accept responsibility for a disease in which they were physically, mentally, and emotionally powerless over. At HVRC, with a recovered mind and divine direction you will experience the discernment of making any restitutions free of guilt, shame, and remorse for our illness and subsequent suffering. Safely, and with others who have shared in your experience and trudged the road before you, come and out of the darkness and step into the light. With recovered arms and a loving heart, Hollywood and Vine Recovery Center welcomes you. Share the recovery of those educated and experienced in solving the problems until you come to Recover yourself and are gifted the ability to show others how to do the same. You do not have to accept responsibility for what you did if you accept that you were powerless. We do right wrongs we feel have been done, but this discernment is done with a recovering mind, not with guilt shame and remorse for our alcoholic and addiction suffering.

The Spiritual Malady

We take care of our physical being with exercise and diet, mental and emotional health awareness has become common, and even our intellect is encouraged to be developed, but what about our spirit, our soul – the key to our Being? Could this be the key to understanding why your addictions, mental, emotional, and behavioral suffering have not been solved with all your efforts and will power?

Spiritual Fitness Question

Sometimes knowing what is wrong is all the hope that is needed to begin seeking a solution. If we are honest with ourselves answering these questions may open our minds to discover the foundation of what is plaguing our spirit. Pick up a humble pen and get ready for rigorously honesty.

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