A Petition for Recovery


Please support our Petition (link above) to bring awareness to the lack of racial diversity as well as other minority groups in the field of Recovery. Many like myself have experienced racism, homophobic hate speech, and more accepted as casual conversation within organizations and institutions designed for our Recovery. Our previous years of our Charity Organization here at the Hollywood and Vine Recovery Center being self-supporting through our own contributions have ceased due to COVID-19 and the restaurant and service industry being our main support. Our members have suffered and a few of us have forgone paying our rent to purchase literature, office supplies, and more for members seeking Recovery.

There is an abundance of government funding available to support our Organization but the amount of money involved in submitting Grant Applications and additional processes is an example of the cyclical process that excludes certain economic, racial, and other demographics from thriving within their communities. Please support our efforts to help more than those who can support through their own contributions.

Gratefully – HVRC

Discussion with HVRC’s Founder Dr. Montgomery – 62 Years Recovered!

I attempted to transcribe the video due to the poor sound quality below – the essence of truth was captured in this interview and it becomes more and more relevant everyday. Filmed February of 2020. To see the the video interview see our Facebook page at: hollywoodandvinecenter.


I know that with myself specifically with financial fear like all of my bills I have maybe $80.00 in my checking account and all of my income has officially been canceled. So, no weddings because I am in the service event industry and in Recovery I have faced my financial fear. Because I am powerless over it anyway and because I had already surrendered to a Power greater than myself I simply just have to follow directions so…I didn’t really have to do much.

The pain of my fears had been removed from me on step 6 & 7 so as I literally lost all of my income I was able to face that with the Power of ‘Okay God what would you have me do now?’ and then that pain of what used to be self pity and fear was kind of turned into determination and motivation to follow God’s direction, and God has been paying my bills the whole time anyway and God will continue to.

Dr. Montgomery:

Well actually after, I was sharing with you some of the opportunities that was given to me just by coming into the fellowship. They were giving me opportunities to improve my education that was one part of it, the other part of it was in wanting to learn more about the program…I had sort of teamed up with some guys because it was more or less men, 95% of the program was men when I came into it.

So, we were studying but the idea I had was since we went to meetings morning, noon, and night that if we had a place we could get together then we could study this program more.

Because we wanted to learn as much as we could about what this book had to say and any other related information they had…we wanted to know it all. So uh, I didn’t have no finances to open a house…God gave me that idea because it had to come from God. Said to look in the paper and see [if you] can’t find a place or a residential facility that might be available. So I found this large big house. It was an estate I found so I said I am going to go over and see this place.

So, I called up the real estate company and they took me over to see this particular house and the guy that was showing it to me didn’t have the key. So I said well I am going to walk around the house and see.

So, I walked around the house and I looked at it and thought the house would be what I thought we need for meetings and….well mainly for meetings is what I thought. So the man said well I don’t have the key to let you in so I say well I’ll go with you to the office to get the key and we went to the office and I gave the him $3.50 for the key – and that was cause I had no money!

I had no money! I had no money for no house (chuckles) God told me to go look and I did. So I gave him $3.50 so I took the key and went back and opened the house and called up my friends and told them ‘look I got a place for us so we can have our meetings.’ So it wasn’t anything in the house, wasn’t no furniture. There wasn’t no electricity or nothing going on. So we took the house.

So that night we had a meeting. We had a candlelight meeting cause we had no electricity, and we raised enough money that night at that meeting to be able to go pay for the rent for that house – pay for the first, last, and security of that house. So, I didn’t have any money for that house and so I didn’t even plan that I was gon’ do this but God directed it and it happened. So I’m sayin’ I have followed the principals of this program. I have followed, surrendered to the will of God and actually everything I have ever done God has directed me for the past 62 years, and I have followed and I have had many houses, many programs, many vehicles, whatever you want. I have traveled – I have had whatever it was.

We have had big affairs…because God has…I don’t know where this music came from but I was interested in music as well although I don’t sing, dance or play any instrument. Through my desire for musical things we have had a lot of musical events with nothing but professionals and professional entertainers. We’ve had so many people in the movie industry. We had so much activity going on and I had an opportunity to work with people in congress.

The main thing that, the thing that impressed me the most and that is closest to my heart is I had the chance to work with Marty Mann. And Marty Mann was really the third person in alcoholic anonymous. The man laying on the bed was one of the sickest ones.

Marty Mann was the first woman that came to Alcoholics Anonymous, the first woman that stayed. And Marty Mann, she helped write the Big Book. She helped create all the literature and information, and she believed alcoholism being a disease and the whole concept of alcoholism being a disease was mainly developed through Marty Mann. Marty Mann actually created a program that is still in existence and that is the National Council of Alcoholism that still exist today – internationally it exist. I had a chance to work with her on the development of that program when it first started. So I feel so honored that I got to work with the first woman in alcoholic anonymous and had the chance to work on the development of programs in alcoholics anonymous because I have been able to develop the first programs for AA in Michigan and the first treatment programs and residential treatment programs in Michigan – they had none!

Then I went to Canada and developed some treatment programs there and those programs still exist and are still functioning today. So, I had no plan. I didn’t plan to do anything. So what I am trying to say is when you surrender to God and open yourself to God’s will – God directs you and takes care of you.

In my lifetime I have had millions of dollars at my disposal to use and to do with it what I want. So I am saying…God did that! I didn’t have no way of doing that. I have never called myself ever having a job and never thought about having no job. I work for God and God directs the whole program because I never considered I had a job, I never had one!

You have to surrender to God what you have done! I really believe – because a lot of people have asked me about Hollywood and Vine even (names omitted to protect anonymity) ____…..

I have had a lot of people ask me for Hollywood and Vine…but I never ever felt the desire to turn it into anybody else’s hand or trust that they would do the right thing. But God sent you in my life and I really believe when you start talking I really believe when you start talking that God has sent you and this is what it was supposed to be the continuation of what God wanted done – so I am just transferring the continuation of God’s will. God has given you the motivation and this is your will to do these things so.

You know, um…I know it takes faith. It takes trust and faith and a lot of that to believe and to walk out into the world and say I don’t have to worry about anything God will take care of me, but God will. But that takes absolute faith because most people will discourage you. If I had listened to folks I would have still been in nursing years ago and never did anything, anything differently. Back then there was no program, there was nothing you had to go on but following the will of God. You can’t listen to people.

People made it before there was treatment programs and there was nothing else to go on but following the will of God.

My name is Anneca Peoples, I certainly did not ask to carry on the Hollywood and Vine Recovery Centers history of healing, and I most certainly did not ask for the pain that led to my enlightenment, but I am most grateful for the direction that today I follow. Support and follow our organization as we re-open to Los Angeles bringing Arts, Healing, and God to heal the lives of all of those in peril, especially those in need of recovery from racial discrimination which God gave us the unique experience of understanding.

Embracing the Pain

The beginning of many experiences on the journey leading to spiritual, emotional, and mental peace begin with emotional pain. Once the pain and suffering becomes uncomfortable or intolerable enough, we will start to seek relief and help. By the time the severity of our discomfort is acknowledged and help is sought, the pain many experience has been ruminating in our spirit and effecting our physical health, social relationships, and emotional and mental health.

If you have found yourself seeking help after your drug and alcohol consumption have caused you enough strife to admit you suffer without an outside substance; you have found your depression and anxiety has begun effecting your life to a point of seeking relief; or have found your compulsive thinking has begun to effect you sexually, socially, and often financially, and in spite of all solutions tried thus far you still find yourself suffering, do not be discouraged. Your seemingly incurable pain and suffering may just be the signs needed to begin the journey to your spiritual experience. A Spiritual Solution is the only answer to our Spiritual Suffering.

Do not be discouraged for many of us living today in the light of peace and security know this pain and hopelessness was the beginning of facing and identifying our underlying fears allowing us to understand our underlying hurt, pain, and frustration that effects our ability to live fully and completely at peace from the inside out – no matter what.

Many of us need help, guidance, and proof it worked for another in order to have hope that they too can be changed. So if this is you, email for our Zoom meeting information and find a meeting that is right for you.

I know a guy who has lived a spiritually awakened life for 40 years who speaks of “a little guy on his shoulder.” That guy on his shoulder others call a voice in their head, their conscience, their thoughts, their “stinking thinking” and other names for what can be our greatest enemy and our greatest power. The silent enemy can be the most deadly which is why those suffering greatly enough to seek help, are in a better off position as they may have a chance to experience a freedom that some will never know they are missing out on. Some do not believe the freedom of Recovery exist and even more sad for my spirit, some do not believe it will work for them. It can and will work for you if sought! This is a truth that millions have experienced work and I hope if you are suffering in any way you too seek a spiritual experience to solve all of your fears and suffering. We will help you for Free so do not let that stop you!!!!

“Learning to name our fears and understanding the underlying pain and hurt and frustration that cause us to shun away from living fully and completely is our aim. Seeing the many faces of fear and not denying or suppressing them is the healthiest way to change our…” — drop the rock.

~Hollywood and Vine Recovery Center

Relief from our Emotional Discomfort

What lies at the root of many of our disturbances and emotional discomforts is an unhealthy dependency we give power to and it’s subsequent demand. To those suffering from and feeling enslaved to the pain of their emotions, the fear of change, panic, anxiety, loneliness, despair, and more – there is a Solution!

Most have tried many ways to ease their suffering and find that exhale of peace, including but certainly not limited to: taking medication, not taking medication, self-help books and remedies, losing weight, gaining weight, getting the job, quitting the job, getting sober, drinking and partying more, seeking therapy, changing friends, changing location, we can increase this list to go on and on. Amid this time of global change, many are finding themselves experiencing heightened levels of emotional, physical, and mental suffering. There is a free solution if your suffering is great, email us for help.

I myself spent many years “accomplishing” goals and markers that ultimately did not fulfill my spirit and solve my problems no matter what. Regardless of what I did, I could not achieve the enlightenment my suffering spirit sought for so long. Money, dream career, social acceptance and accolades, church fellowship, self-help studying and seeking, therapy and doctors, and more. After still finding myself suffering, fear took over and my life fell…plummeted down an alcoholic bottomless pit. I saw no solution to my suffering and it got dark, fast. With a violent shove from government officials and local law enforcement, I found tools to maintain physical sobriety through local Alcoholics Anonymous members. I again became a functioning member of society – I thought never again to resume the journey of fulfilling my God given gifts and passions, but I was sober. Life was looking as society said it should. Then came a time years later that I accepted I still felt a spiritual discomfort the moment I was not as busy as I learned to keep myself. A book I enjoy called “drop the rock” has the following quote that describes this painful realization, for me.

“The hole in me, the neediness, the hunger, the ache in my life that I tried to fill or stay distracted from by using addictive behavior is actually the perfectly logical result of not knowing and therefore not accepting myself as I am.” – drop the rock.

Once the pain of living becomes greater than the fear of change which blocks our divine direction and growth, you have a chance. A chance to be freed from the monster in your head continuously riddling you with guilt, torment, doubt, fear, and other falsities creating the pain and discomfort we seek a remedy for. Our thinking and emotions are Powerful and divine gifts once we are freed from the spiritual malady plaguing our bodies, minds, and emotions.

By many that have experienced a spiritual awakening and have been rocketed into that 4th dimension of existence called enlightenment a spiritual way of living brings, has been described as the end of our suffering. If you too believe you may be suffering in a way that nothing seems to ease, please reach out and ask questions, you are not alone.

“You are here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold. That is how important you are!”

-Eckhart Tolle

Seek the truth of who you are, why you suffer, and what to do about it. For additional information on free and anonymous counseling, meetings, and help, email us at: hollywoodandvinerecovery@gmail.com. You are not alone!

Sending love and unity ~

Hollywood & Vine Recovery – A Spiritual Solution for our Spiritual suffering.

Lone Endeavor

The Lone Endeavor is the last story in the original print of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, the first alcoholic known to recover from the program before a meeting here existed.

Excerpt from “How AA Came To Los Angeles “

You are not alone! If you want or need to read the story or the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous please let me know and we will see to it that you get one.

If you or someone you know needs help, we are here. Email us for help, someone to talk to, and a solution to your problems that addiction is but a symptom of. #globalrecovery #recovered