A Spiritual Solution for our Spiritual Malady

Hollywood and Vine Recovery Center was founded in 1965 by Dr. Gloria Montgomery who is a Recovered alcoholic and spreads spiritual healing to all who suffer, especially alcoholics. HVRC recovered members share our experience, strength, and hope with each other. All of us have had unsuccessful attempts at living spiritually fit with medication, following AA fellowships, detox, therapy treatments, becoming rich & successful, achieving desired social status, and more. We are racially, politically, economically diverse and together we heal. Discussing, questioning, and experiencing life as it presents itself.


Discussion with HVRC’s Founder Dr. Montgomery – 62 Years Recovered!

I attempted to transcribe the video due to the poor sound quality below – the essence of truth was captured in this interview and it becomes more and more relevant everyday. Filmed February of 2020. To see the the video interview see our Facebook page at: hollywoodandvinecenter. Anneca: I know that with myself specifically withContinue reading “Discussion with HVRC’s Founder Dr. Montgomery – 62 Years Recovered!”

Time 2 Heal

Your voice matters! Our nonprofit is currently serving Los Angeles County residents – let us know how we can help you Recover. Our relocation will be based off of need so help spread the word Los Angeles, tell us where you are and that you need help! No matter who or where you are youContinue reading “Time 2 Heal”


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