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Hollywood & Vine Recovery Center is a place to heal. We are a place for those whom all other methods have failed. Those who find themselves depressed in spite of anti-depressants; anxious in spite of anti-anxiety medication and treatment; drunk and using in spite of detox, treatment, and sober fellowship in your history, a place for those who feel like they’ve tried it all. If you can relate, chances are that you too are suffering from a Spiritual Malady for which there is only a spiritual solution.

We are NOT a treatment center but do receive many members who stopped at many centers along the way to spiritual freedom – do not give up hope. Alcoholism, addiction, emotional and mental suffering are symptoms of an underlying problem; a problem that plagues our spirit and is the root of our suffering. We must stop treating the symptoms, healing the symptomatic suffering, and avoiding and escaping from the truth. In order to thrive we must Recover from the actual problem, and in order to do that we have to understand and accept within our innermost selves what the problem is. Experience the application of Spiritual Principals that is The Solution to our Spiritual Malady.

You are NOT your disease!

Alcoholism & Addiction

While there may be many ways some have found to stay sober “no matter what,” Total Recovery of the mind, body, and spirit is the only solution to the disease of addiction. If you have found yourself newly amid an alcoholic or drug addicted powerlessness, or if you find yourself here yet again, do not give up hope! God may have been getting you entirely ready and has just been waiting for you to ask again.

“If you don’t grow through it – you will continue to go through it if you are not getting what God needs you to in order to answer your prayers.”Dr. Gloria Montgomery, 62+ years recovered, psychiatrist, spiritual leader.

At HVRC you must be willing to journey through the pain once you are sick and tired of going through the pain over, and over, and over again. You will not be surrendering to a sponsor, a therapist, or any human power. You will surrender to a very personal journey uncovering who you are, why you suffer, what gifts you have been given, and why you are here while a recovered member living with the Power you seek shows you precisely how you too can accept the gift of Recovery. Physical sobriety will be a beginning to your dreams coming true. The drink problem has been removed from us, just as promised in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. The problem no longer exists so long as we stay spiritually fit.

Emotional and Mental Disorders

“Depression and grief are hatred turned on the self.” – William Grier (physician b.1921)

Depression, hopelessness, panic disorder, anxiety, fear, behavioral disorders, and more are symptoms of an underlying problem. Our human emotions are a great way for our spirit to communicate with us if we are willing to listen. While there is no cure for our suffering, science has found a way to treat the symptoms – which works for superficial pain. If you find yourself still suffering in spite of all human efforts, you too may be chosen to experience the gift of Recovery. Let go of managing and controlling your symptomatic thoughts, behavior, and emotional suffering and surrender to the Power within you that can and will solve all of your problems no matter what without any help from you. You will then know freedom.

Black Recovery

“There is a spirit and a need and a man at the beginning of every great human advance. Each of these must be right for that particular moment of history, or nothing happens.” Coretta Scott King – Civil rights activist

For many of us who come from historical enslavement, be it physical, mental, or emotional captivity, we also come from the Power that brought us to where we are today – having had a Black man in office as ruler of the United States of America, and Oprah to name a couple powerful examples. The historically enslaved come from the strength and perseverance that fought to keep our Power, our Spirituality, our Freedom. So, the experience of surrendering to Powerlessness (especially if you happen to find yourself in a room full of only white people who have no empathy, compassion, or experience, living in colored skin) can be a challenging experience – we are here! All are welcome to experience Recovery as heard from the Black voice.

“It is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of high maturity, to rise to the level of self-criticism.” Martin Luther King Jr.

LGBTQ Recovery

“I am a black male, at the bottom of the social heap. I’m castrated in drag. But I’m also freed. There’s a sort of cultural Judgment Day going on. Everybody’s been forced to come out of the closet, in all kinds of ways, not just sexually….Every time I bat my eyelashes it’s a political act.” RuPaul Charles

Experience your journey through Recovery understanding the history of discrimination against sexuality that we as individuals give personal power to. Experience freedom from being defined by your sexuality. Let go of other people’s ideas, opinions, and beliefs about every part of your being as it will become and has always been none of your business. Be freed of the pain, confusion, anger, and Spiritual suffering that results from the shame and guilt of historical discrimination.

“I never once worried about who was for me or against me. I always knew God was with me.” Dr. Gloria Montgomery – 62+ years recovered

People of Color Recovery

People of Color Recovery program is for individuals who have felt limited in hearing their story while seeking Recovery. Those of all races, religions, and cultures that are looking to Recover from their spiritual suffering are welcome. Understanding the alcoholic illness, the drug addictions, the emotional and mental suffering, and everything else that brought us to a place of looking to recover, will reveal the Power within us and heal our human suffering. The destination we seek is the same yet the divine directions to get there will reveal themselves to each one of us as we “trudge the road of happy destiny” together.


Thank you for your patience while our Latino Recovery pages are currently taken down so they can be used to include a spanish translation for the website, allowing us to reach people amid these socially distanced times. #blackandbrownunity

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