About Us

Hollywood and Vine Recovery Center was founded in 1965 by Dr. Gloria Montgomery who has opened recovery centers in Canada, Michigan, and Nevada to name a few places. Still spreading Spiritual Solutions for our Spiritual suffering, Dr. Montgomery today has almost 63 years of Recovery and continues to service our community. We specialize in recovery for those which all other methods have failed including the systems meant to help us Recover, rehabilitate, and to protect us. Those like myself that had the money, success both professional and social, physical sobriety, and more – and still found ourselves suffering are here to tell you an important truth. Without total Recovery of the mind , body, and soul, nothing given to us (things or opportunities) will be of any avail if we first do not define ourselves and our driving force in life. Find out who you are and why you hurt at Hollywood and Vine as you find a singleness of purpose within our community. THERE IS A SOLUTION AND RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE.

Director of Operations

My name is Anneca Peoples and I am currently Director of Operations for our nonprofit organization The Hollywood and Vine Recovery Center. With a previous career in fashion advertising and the food and hospitality industry, I have worked in the field of Recovery specializing in treatment for alcoholism, addiction, domestic violence, post traumatic stress from police brutality, racism, discrimination, and additional disorders of a spiritual and emotional nature for the last 7 years. The time has come for Recovery to spread exponentially. Specifically, it’s time for Spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional recovery to spread exponentially to the Black lives and the lives of our Latino brothers and sisters that have been systematically left behind for too long yet the most effected by addiction and suffering.

We run an anonymous program and facility so our members with recovery and experience with sensitive situations are not made public. As additional professionals and staff to fulfill our program requirements come together, you will see updated information here.

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