Hollywood and Vine Recovery Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity.

A safe place for Black, Latino, LGBTQ, and People of Color to Recover.

Applying Spiritual Principals to the Spiritual Maladies underlying the disease of addiction, emotional, and mental health suffering.

It is the vision of Hollywood and Vine Recovery Center (HVRC) to spread the solution to those suffering chronically from alcoholism and addiction, chronic emotional disorders, and mental health suffering by applying spiritual principals to underlying spiritual maladies. HVRC specializes in filling a void for the marginalized Black, Latino, LGBTQ, and People of Color individuals looking to hear hope from those who have recovered from their suffering, relate to their experiences, and empathize with their story.

Residential Recovery

Hollywood and Vine Recovery Center is soon to resume accepting Clients for our residential recovery program, beginning with our Women in Recovery home. A spiritually luxurious safe haven for women in need of more than outpatient services to heal from their chronic alcoholic and addictive illness.

Outpatient Recovery

A safe place for those looking to recover from chronic alcoholism and addictions who do not require medical detox or monitored residential treatment. Outpatient Clients will trudge through an intensive and individualized program that includes individual and group sessions combined with additional programs or services determined beneficial for successful Client Recovery.

Virtual Fellowships

Group and individual recovery, fellowships, spiritual workshops, spiritual fitness sessions, and more to virtually aid our Clients in Recovering through the unprecedented times we find ourselves living through. Too many are taught to look outward to heal their pain. The HVRC experience proves this to be of no avail to chronic alcoholism and addiction. The Power is within us and applying spiritual principals to our pain will unleash our Powerful Spirits – May global recovery spread exponentially.

Additional Outreach


Join us as we uncover many disparities within the minority experience when Recovering from alcoholism and addiction. Hosted by HVRC’s Director of Operations, Anneca Peoples – Coming Soon!


Our recovered fellowship, staff, and our program founder share their experience, strength, and hope in recovering from the disease of alcoholism and addiction. For the marginalized groups who rarely hear the fears, pain, and hopelessness of their life experiences shared, you may hear you story here. Black, Latino, LGBTQ, and People of Color have recovered from many if not all of the experiences torturing your soul and we live today with an unwavering freedom – no matter what. What worked for us will work for you too.


Stay up to date on our new facilities’ Grand Openings, fundraising events, recovery testimonials and suggestions, and more – including a joke or two we hope will make you smile.

Our volunteers are all working earnestly to bring all HVRC virtual and in person lifelines together to reach those in need of our programs and recovered experience, we all thank you for your patience.