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A Spiritual Solution for our Spiritual Suffering

Applying Spiritual Principles to our Spiritual Suffering

Adolescent Recovery Programs

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Partnership & Volunteering

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Discover Unlimited Beauty

“Recovery works by giving us daily insight into what we can do to remove what blocks us. ” – drop the rock

Recovering from the fellowship.

For AA fellowship members who find themselves relapsing into physical, mental, and emotional suffering, may our experience bring you to accepting a new Truth.

Sobriety is gifted to a suffering alcoholic or addict as a byproduct of Recovering. Our journey begins as soon as we make the decision.

– Hollywood & Vine Recovery Center

Primary Methods of Recovery

Every program is designed to meet the needs of the individual as everyone arrives at their beginning at a different place. While the directions to the destination may be the same – our journey to accepting the healing power of Recovery is as individual as our fingerprints.

Individual Spiritual Guidance

There is no experience like the magic between one Recovered member sharing their experience, strength, and hope with someone who is suffering. A recovered spirit can reach another suffering spirit in a way science has yet to figure out.

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Group Meetings

A safe place for Recovered members to be there for those suffering and seeking Recovery. Learn precisely how Recovery works, experience what it is like today after being delivered from the hopelessness of our maladies.

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Spiritual Fulfillment

After we come into our being, it is time to thrive. Continue expanding your Recovery with enriching activities to train, educate yourself, and effectively use your God given gifts.

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